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VFI Asia offers game publishers reliable VAT Free shipping in East Asia, premium protective packaging and picking, and direct from China shipments for large and small parcels.

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We supply Asian ‘brick and mortar’ stores with KS titles and evergreen reprints direct from China with shipping rates much lower than bringing back from the US.

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We offer Kickstarter Backers the information they need to track and collect their games.

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Our business was created to help game publishers offer affordable shipping to Asia Pacific customers. As a group of international gamers, we are able to get to know your games, and your special requests before we begin shipping. We designed our logistics system to be straight forward and very client friendly.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your current and future Kickstarter Fufillment needs, or any other questions you may have about the Asian board game market. We are as interested in growing this market as you are!

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