Kickstarter Board Game Backers

We help Kickstarter Backers

You Kickstarter Backers are the most important part of VFI Asia’s business. We want to make sure you get mint condition games with as little hassle and as low of a shipping cost as possible. Your feedback and support is what has grown our company the most. Thank You!

The journey of a game

From our warehouse to your home a game faces many adventures.

Preparing for the journey

Our workers will carefully pick every unique add-on combination of items KS throws at them, and create a custom package to provide armor for the Journey.

Email notification

We will send you an email that will include important details about your shipment (Carrier, Tracking number, Distribution Hub, etc.)

Travelling around the Seven Seas

The game will be travelling on a boat (or maybe an airship) on its way to your country.

A valiant courier knocks at your door.

…Or perhaps they send you an SMS first. Your games have arrived, and cannot wait to be played.

Frequently Asked Questions


The tracking number/link you sent me on the update email doesn’t work.

Some times it takes 2-3 days for the tracking numbers to become active. If you check the link on the email and it doesn’t work, you just need to wait some days.


My game has been sent to a distribution hub, so I don’t have a tracking number. How can I know the status of the shipment.

You can follow this link for more information about the status of shipments to our distribution hubs: Distribution Hub Status


The tracking information stopped being updated for some time. What’s happening?

While in transit, the tracking information of the game will not be updated till it reaches your country. There’s no need to worry, but do be sure to check with you local post if you see others in your region are getting theirs.


What do I do about damaged or missing components?

The first place to check is the KS page, if the publisher has a support line set up they will often be able to arrange replacements. You can also let us know as we may be able to help.

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